The Wineries on Highway 94 is a growing affiliation of commercial growers and wine producers who have a shared vision of the San Diego East County as being an ideal location for the establishment of exceptional wine grape vineyards. We are now demonstrating that the high quality fruit produced by these vines can in fact become world class wines. Now this vision is a reality as several of the wines vinted here have recently been not only recognized but have received awards in international competition. 


2014 marks the first year that wine tasting is offered along the scenic Historic Route 94. We invite you to come out to the East County for a visit and a taste of some truly excellent wines. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you'll find. Chances are you'll be hosted by the owners and winemakers themselves who are all quite happy to answer your questions about how the wines are made, and may even give you a personal tour! We're proud of what we're doing here in the East County and we want to share the products of our efforts with you!


There are several more vineyards located along the Historic Highway 94 that will be joining us in the near future. These new

addtions to our group of Wineries on Highway 94 will surely provide an even greater diversity of fine wines from this area. You'll want to keep checking here for updates! 

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Wine Aging in Barrels